Anderson Burton Completes Pier Replacement for Channel Islands National Park

Location: Channel Islands National Park, CA

Owner: National Park Service

Value: $453,119.00

Completion Date: Nov. 25, 2016

Description: In December of 2015, large swells combined with a king tide caused damage to the Scorpion Pier, which resulted in a closure of the pier and prevented standard vessel access to the island for staff and supplies. Santa Cruz Island is within the Channel Islands National Park (CHIS), and is the site of a campground and NPS housing facilities. The pier located on the northeast side of the island provides vessel access for a private ferry operator and NPS employees who work on the island as well as tourists who wish to visit the island. The pier also provides cargo transfer to support the tourism on the island.

This project consisted of the removal of the existing railcar pier and the design, fabrication, transportation, delivery, and installation of the steel and aluminum pier and gangway. Work also included the survey of the existing conditions and correlation with requirements to determine extent of demolition required. Anderson Burton removed and disposed of the railcar up to the cut off immediately adjacent to the offshore abutment. We erected and installed all miscellaneous metal items in strict accordance with the approved shop plans and the reference standards, aligning straight, plumb and level. Installation included the span and walkway including handrails and guardrail. Due to unfavorable weather, the project was rescheduled until ocean swells subsided. This project was completed under tight weather constraints.

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